The Vintage Company offers a range of high quality product with a unique personality that pays tribute to wastage materials and harks back to the beauty and charm of the old products. The range combines affordability, efficacy and elegance, celebrating the beauty of wastage and helping them to accentuate their best features.

In 2018, we has been officially established on New Baneshwor. We are entrepreneurial and focused on driving growth by envisioning and implementing new ways of meeting the emerging demand of our costumer and obligation for society and environment. Within a service of a year our company has kissed a high success and has been able to provide a better and better products day by day. Till the date, we have more than 25 products in the market.


“Destruction is a man’s will, nevertheless prevention is also a man’s will. Its a man’s choice to choose between Destruction and Prevention. Hence, Our founder Mr. Shyam Bajgain choose prevention over destruction or pollution. Scientists have long known that tire contribute to micro plastic pollution, as wear on the roads releases microfibers into the environment, leading to increased plastic contamination of soils and waterways. Being a nature lover with a creativity he chooses to reuse the tire and a wastage at its maximum. Tire has a life span of more than a hundred years. It can be used in a different way. In a way, it could help to solve the major problem and create the product with purpose.


Production is not our only motive. We believe on being responsible, trustworthy and dependable company capable of developing long-term relationships based on mutual respect. Costumer, their comfort and their satisfaction always comes first. We are determined to serve best out out of us. Our basic principle is quality is more important than quantity. We are on a mission of promoting a credible market to meet the demand of new generation. We take a passionate approach to our work, whatever it-takes-time after time to deliver the expected results to our consumers.


Our strategy is based on a deep understanding of environmental issues that portrays unique design through its conventional arts and crafts. Thus, we bring out a team of dedicated professionals, designers and manpower who works towards making your marketing and living even better and giving you the best because you deserve the best.


We respect creative mind. There is multiple design concept proposal from professional designer. We have more than 25 products including sofa set, coffee table, magazine holder etc.  We are committed to maximum utilization of the wastage and giving a fine product. Making a product isn’t the only solution. It needed to be managed and delivered properly. Here, we have a dedicated team for market research and costumer care because we care for you.


We love nature as well as technology and new innovation. Both are important for us. Every innovation somehow creates the pollution and wastage. We are on plan to maximum utilization of wastage. We research about them and do create something useful and beautiful products out of them. In near future, we will be working on various wastage and products along with tires. This way, we could be able to minimize certain percentage of pollution.


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