SINJA-The Khas Museum


Name of the Project: SINJA-The Khas Museum

Category : Museum

Project Brief:

Location: Sija Bistawada, Jumla
Total Site Area: 5128 sq. m.
Built Up Area: 1480 sq.m.


Sija Valley is origin for Nepali language and linguistic culture.
Aim of this project is to preserve the history of Khas community in karnali through the organised space to promote the local tourist.
As a Historical Museum we designed some monumental elements at the entrance gate to reflect the historical Dewal of karnali and Dullu region.
Structural Safety for overload of snowfall can be minimised with the RCC slope roof.
Also slope portion of exposed roof is covered with Jhingati to prevent the cracks developed with low temperature.
Apple garden followed by ramps and stairs lead the visitor towards museum.
Traditional utensils, Cultural Dress, Equipments, wooden masks and some books are the main strength for museum and Researcher.