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“It does not take much strength to do things, but it requires a great deal of strength to decide what to do.”

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Our Mission is to provide quality on time projects.

JARA Partners was founded with the target of serving architectural and construction services
to specific, institutional as well as governmental, semi-governmental and private sectors engaging in the various development activities of the nation. Its main goal is to tackle all the complication and is related to design to create a better world.



Jara Partners

Environment-Friendly Product Design

Growing environmental and social challenges place a bigger emphasis on architectural and engineering solutions than ever before. Apart from architectural designing and construction, we are also more concerned about growing environmental challenges like global warming. In order to make design productive and reuse of material that harms the environment, we planned to reuse the tires, pallets from import, export and other raw materials into the design for a better mankind. For that, we are collecting the material likes these and are trying to manipulate into a product design like seating, coffee table, sofas, outdoor/indoor gardens, light fixtures, display racks, etc.

Our Expertise​

"The mission of Maali Dai is to offer the high quality of services and landscape design with the attention to small details that customers deserve. Maali Dai costumers can expect to receive professional service with a personal touch."

"The Vintage Company offers a range of high quality product with a unique personality that pays tribute to wastage materials and harks back to the beauty and charm of the old products. The range combines affordability to accentuate best features."

Are you looking for Architecture design expertise?

Project Studies

• Project Identification
• Reconnaissance Survey
• Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies • Economic Analysis
• Environmental Study(EIA, IEE)
• Evaluation, Gender and Baseline Surveys
• Post Implementation Survey

Detailed Engineering & Design

• Detailed engineering design and drawing preparation
• Quantity and Cost Estimation
• Project Planning and Scheduling
• Sanitary/ Electrical/ HVAC design and drawings
• Technical Specifications
• Preparation of tender & contract documents

Project Management

• Pre-contractual management
• Project Management Services
• Construction supervision
• Quality Assurance and Quality Control
• Project Monitoring, Reporting and Controlling

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